Cutting Back and Gaining More


When my husband and I decided to switch roles almost 2 years ago, our income was virtually cut in half.  It’s been a big financial adjustment but we feel like we’ve finally set our priorities straight and we wouldn’t change a thing about it!  It feels so good  to be getting it right.  

During this time, we’ve been very careful with our spending, and of course there’s nothing like necessity to push things along!  In addition to stretching our dollars further for our basic living, we are also completely obsessed with eliminating our debt and that feels great!   Bit by bit, we’re making progress. 

There are some things that are non-negotiable for us in the spending department, like our tithe and healthy food.  In addition to our shelter, we see those as our basic needs.  But there is a long list of wants from which we’ve been cutting.  Today we cut another:  our satellite service. 

For many years, we have suspended our service from June to September, but now we’re going to try cutting it completely.   There are really only a few things we watch with any regularity and we can stream those online anyway.     The only thing we can’t find so far is Oprah, and the reality is that I record it on our pvr/ dvr/ TiVo-type device daily and watch maybe one episode out of twenty, usually three months after the fact.  I think I’ll be fine without it.   It’s not worth it to me to spend $700 a year to watch Oprah. 

As an added bonus, we won’t be as tempted to sit down and ‘see what’s on.’  So really, we’re cutting back but gaining more.   There will be more time for games, discussion, reading, and all the nagging projects that have a way of falling to the back burner.  TV enables my procrastination, and I truly don’t need help in that department. 

Just wait and see how much I’m going to accomplish over these coming months.  (I am looking to you to hold me accountable…)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jen
    Apr 05, 2010 @ 09:19:40

    Inspiring. If only I didn’t have those sports loving men in my house…..


  2. Tara
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 18:33:09

    I agree with Jen. If it weren’t for the men, I’d just throw all of our tv’s to the curb and be done with it (we actually have a tv in the garage…. can you even believe that????). The only thing I ever turn on is the weather network, and I can easily get the same info on line – in an instant. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble making the adjustment. I can’t imagine that you and DH ever had time to watch much on TV anyway.


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