The Procrastination Station: Homeschool Learning Day

It really is true that I work better under pressure.  

Most of the time, I pull out all the stops at the 11th hour and sail through to victory with the added adrenaline and desire to get ‘er done. 

Most of the time.

Today is not one of those days.

Today is really tonight – as in Monday night.  I am leaving the house at 7am tomorrow, driving 90 minutes to another part of our lovely province to attend a Homeschool Learning Day.  It happens quarterly and we LOVE IT!   The kids enjoy doing something a bit different, seeing the friends they’ve made from our other visits.  The atmosphere is extraordinary, and I have fun teaching my couple of classes.  I always come back feeling refreshed and renewed by my homeschool peeps.  Even though these particular peeps are quite some distance away, it’s nice to reconnect a bit and feel the encouragement of other families who are doing this difficult yet ridiculously rewarding thing along with me. 

But this time more than any other, I will be leaving exhausted.  In addition to having an extremely challenging day today (thanks mainly to a 3-year old Grumpasaurus sporting marathon tantrums), I also left everything to the last-minute and have already been up way later than my usual.  It’s now 11:39 pm.  I’m done with the prep for my 9-11 year old class (just need to print the handout) and I still have to whip up a quick craft for the other class. 

Or not. 

The other class is story time with preschoolers.  I had originally wanted to do a related craft, but I wonder if we can just colour springtime pictures and call it a day? 

Yep, I think that’s what we’ll do.   I’m beat and it’s an early start for the Littles tomorrow.     The only thing worse than a grumpy Mom is a TIRED grumpy Mom.  And that wouldn’t be good for anyone in that poor little preschooler class.  

Plus, a tantrum-toting 35-year-old is somewhat unbecoming.

Even procrastinators have their limits.  Coloring it is!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tara
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 21:07:44

    I’m all for tantrums among the 30 something set. Bring it on!


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