L♥vely Link: Knock-Off Wood

I own a tool belt.  The power saws in this house belong to me.   Tools are frequently the gift of choice from my husband and my builder dad. 

Yeah.  It’s how I roll. 

When I finish sorting and purging in my basement (one day… one day), I will have a dedicated workshop section where I can putter and spew sawdust and create and learn to improve.  I’m not great at it, but I SOOOOOO enjoy it.  

This is why I love Ana, creator of Knock-Off Wood. 

She is a SAHM in Alaska.  She is like me when it comes to loving this stuff, only she is exponentially better with her tools than I.  But Knock-Off Wood isn’t just a clever name.  She sees a lovely piece of furniture and designs plans to replicate it.  And if you like projects like this and enjoy spending $200 on a piece of furniture instead of oh, say… $2200, she’s the girl for you!     Best part?  Her plans are FREE!  She wants to encourage people to do things on their own.  (Love that!)  The only request is that you send her pics of your completed projects.  

I look at her site and want to build it all right away.  But funds and time are scarce these days so for now I will just hover over at Knock-Off Wood and make mental notes of the dozens of things I am going to build.   I do plan to hope to tackle three things this year:  

First up, an armoire for our tv.  I can’t stand looking at it!    It’s slightly too big for the other armoires we have in the house, so I can’t wait to build one and just close the doors on it! 

Next, a recycling cabinet for some found space in my kitchen.  (We’re closing up one of our back doors to allow for some storage in this old house with no closets!) 

Then, a window seat/ storage bench in my bedroom.  We have a perfect little alcove for it.  

At some point, I want to add a wall of shelving and window seat on my landing.

And yeah, the same thing in my living room.

And a platform/ storage bed for us. 

And maybe a daybed for my daughter. 

And perhaps a new vanity for my powder room.

See what I mean?  It doesn’t stop.   I really could keep going… 

For those of you who are feeling inspired, or even if you are not inspired but can appreciate some nice furniture eyecandy, here is a very small selection of the lovely projects:

I love this hutch

 And this armoire

And this bench designed by Ana.  (It even fits a laptop, which I love!  Hmmm… perhaps I should make this as a coffee table in my sitting room…)

Or this one, that costs about 15 bucks and about an hour of time!   Even if it took twice as long and cost twice as much due to all the bad cuts, a $30, 2 hour investment would be a great project for testing the waters… 

What about a Bookcase

 Or a banked bookcase?  They look so good two or three in a row. 


Or a small bookshelf


A playhouse loft bed?  Are you kidding me?  What kid wouldn’t love THAT?   

And this is just a fraction of the pieces I love. 

Her site also includes all kinds of tips on using mdf versus ply, what kind of nails, the actual measurements of lumber (what genius decided a 2×4 shouldn’t be 2×4?), finishes, etc. 

As a huge plus, she also includes a cut list and most (all?) times a picture of the cut layout so you know exactly how to get the most out of your 4×8 sheet. 

      …I know.   I’m gushing, right?  This stuff just makes me drool. 

Keep your eyes open for Ana.  I’m sure that at some point soon you’ll be seeing her in bookstores and in all likelihood on tv too.  

I’ll let you know when I complete my first project. 

In the meantime, I will continue to drool.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ana White
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 10:10:39

    Hi Trina, you are my kind of girl! Skip the roses, get right down to the saws! I cannot wait to see what you build. Thank you so much for posting about Knock-Off Wood. Many Blessings, Ana


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