I grew up with dogs and have really missed having one around.  We had been on a breeder’s waiting list for a few years, but after waiting so long, we decided to start looking at other breeds.   Then, two and a half short weeks ago, while D and the kids were at church, I had a secret rendezvous with a different breeder and came home with a 9 week old puppy. 

Meet Murphy.

Oh, he’s cute alright.  

He’s a Bernedoodle – a Standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog cross.  He seems to have already doubled his size in the short time we’ve had him, and he will be a big boy; probably 100 lbs or so.  D and I both love big dogs, and it looks like we’ve got one. 

Since he’s a baby (now 11 weeks), he’s a fair bit of work right now.   I’ve been serving a fair number of homemade or partially made meals from our freezer.  The laundry has been accumulating a bit more than I’d like.  Our area rugs have all been rolled up and we miss them.  But we can see tremendous progress now (just 3 accidents yesterday) so hopefully things will be back to normal again in a week or two.   (Whatever normal is.)

This morning, D and I were in our sitting room enjoying our coffee.  Creative G was in the living room and let out a little cough.  Murphy went tearing out of the room and stood with his front paws on the bottom step, looking up the staircase with a concerned look on his little puppy face.  He didn’t realize that G wasn’t upstairs, but it made me happy to know that this little puppy seemed concerned. 

Despite the cleanups and following around of late, we are so pleased to have him in our family.  There is something so wonderful about having a dog around.   We can see he’s going to be an amazing companion. 


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