Links at my Favourite Price: Free-Forty-Five

Most often when you enter my home, you will hear music.  During the daytime but excluding the school hours of 9am to noon, you will almost always find me listening to KLove on itunes radio.  It’s a great Christian radio station. 

They also have a great news section on their website.  One of the most popular items this week was  112 Best Free Downloads, Sites and Services  from PC World and    It’s a long list, but check it out as there are a few things in there that you might find useful.

What I won’t ever use, EVER, is the tool that tracks your jogging sessions.  One would need to jog for that.  However there are some that we already use (like evite, IMDb and BitTorrent), some I would like to use (esp. in the photo, productivity and self improvement sections) and likely a whole pile that my husband will enjoy.

Best part, they’re my favourite price:  free-forty-five.  

Swing by LifeAsMom for more Frugal Friday tips.


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  1. niki
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 09:52:46

    I love K-LOVE. It is one of the few radio stations I feel comfortable letting my son listen to.


    I never looks at their web site though, I will check it out. Thanks for the heads up!


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