Why We Homeschool: Reason One

I knew the ‘regular’ school system wasn’t for us.  I knew it over 10 years ago, while I was pregnant with our first child.  There was something about the whole thing that just…  didn’t feel… natural to me.   I started to learn more about educational alternatives at that time, but I knew I had several years still before I had to decide.

When our son arrived, and we watched him grow and interact and explore and enjoy, I became a bit more convicted about our need to do something different.  By the time he was three, there was no doubt in my mind. 

You see, he was (and is) an extremely active and curious boy.  I couldn’t fathom how he would sit for five minutes, let alone 5 hours!  I could see early on that he learned by doing.  He didn’t learn by sitting and listening.  He was brilliant (or so people told us — we didn’t really have a point of comparison), but ‘Creative’ had a lot of difficultly focusing.  I know he was considered by others as one of those kids.  Those ones that don’t sit still.

My husband was diagnosed with ADD as a child.  He was on Ritalin for a number of years.  He maintains to this day that he didn’t have a problem; he just didn’t have an outlet.  He wasn’t taught in the manner that fit his learning style.  The school system is only really able to teach to the norm, and that wasn’t my husband.  It certainly wasn’t my son either. 

That’s how it started.   There is a long list of reasons and benefits (I’ll post about those over the coming weeks), however that was what gave us the initial impetus.

Reason One:  Can’t sit still.

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