Magic Kisses

My eldest son will be the big 1-0 next month.  WHERE does the time go!!??!?  Anyway, for bloggy purposes, we’ll call him ‘Peanut’, my real nickname for him  ‘Creative.’   Because he is.

Well, Creative came to me this morning as I was folding laundry. He held out his index finger and announced it was really sore for some reason.  He asked me if I could give him a ‘magic kiss.’ 

I willingly obliged, and responded with “Sweetheart, I will kiss you any time you want!  Mmmmmwwwwah!” 

He went back to his room to work on his lego project (of course, when he was supposed to be cleaning his room).  A few seconds later he shouted out with excitement, “Mom, it worked!  You could make millions with those magic kisses!” 

Cling to that feeling, son.  Please. 

I hope there is never a time where you think it’s just not cool to come to Mom for a magic kiss.

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